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Hedge Fund Custodians - Millennium Trust Company

Sandra Reese, SVP & Program Manager
2001 Spring Road, Suite 700
Oak Brook, IL 60523
Phone: 630-368-5645
Website: http://www.mtrustcompany.com


Millennium Trust Company is recognized as a leader in delivering customized custody services to large financial institutions, Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), fund managers and the investors they serve. Millennium Trust has the knowledge and expertise to custody a wide range of alternative investments in taxable and tax-deferred accounts. Millennium has thousands of alternative assets on its platform including direct real estate investments, hedge funds, futures, private stock, promissory notes, offshore funds, mortgages and precious metals. Millennium leverages its expertise in the custody of Alternative Assets to provide Qualified Custodian to RIAs as required under the amended custody Rule 206(4)02. Millennium’s Private Fund Custody solution is available to RIAs who have created private funds also referred to as pooled investment vehicles, advisor controlled funds, private equity funds, limited partnerships and limited liability companies. Millennium also offers safekeeping services for physical documents and assets pending recovery from bankruptcy or litigation. Millennium Trust Company solely performs the duties of a custodian and, as such, does not provide investment advice, sell investment products, endorse investment strategies, nor does it offer any tax or legal advice. For more information contact Sandra Reese, SVP by phone: 630-368-5645 or email: sreese@mtrustcompany.com.

Alexei Fedotov, Citi
Phone: (495) 642-7665

Lauren Hurson, Director
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Phillip Klein, VP Business Development
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Zach Adams, Director, Business Development
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Lawrence Woodcock, US Bank
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