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Saving The State Of California: Reed Hastings

As a manager in Newport Beach, California, concerns over the state’s viability have never been so palpable in the face of an almost $16 billion budget deficit and rising taxes. The answer to a certain course of default is not just cost-cutting or raising taxes. The state needs creative entrepreneurs to rethink every process of providing services. If the focus […]

S. California GARP Conferences: IBM, DITMo, Enhanced Cash

Pj de Marigny, DITMo Strategies Director, GARP, S. California Chapter Two GARP Conferences (One past, one present): Go to www.GARP.com (Free membership for all Powerpoint Presentations of Worldwide Chapters) GARP S. California will be hosting an invitation only conference in Los Angeles sponsored by IBM. Chief Risk Officers of major financial institutions. Date: 29November2011 Time: 7:30am – 10:30am Place: Los […]