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Geithner’s Rant, Obama Administration’s Desperation?, Ramifications of the Clunker Plan

This story is quite disturbing. The Obama administration is sliding down a slippery, or should I say, slimy slope. In Q4 of last year fear mongering was the tactic of choice to push policy (e.g. auguring global financial ruin if senators didn’t quickly pass questionable legislation.) In Q1 & Q2 of this year financial market manipulation was the potion incorporated […]

IBD Editorial, Truth In Lending, The Housing Market, The Financial Crisis, What it Means for The Health Care Overhaul

A must read story from the Investors Business Daily. The story illustrates how government meddling clearly led to the ruination of the housing market and in turn the financial crisis. We must understand what happened and raise our collective voice if we are to save the health care system from a similar fate. Truth In Lending By INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY […]

RCM Editorial: Democratic Lawmakers Urge Reduction in Lending Standards / Barney the Dino Strikes Again

RCM Comment: We here at RCM have uncovered the mystery behind the housing troubles in the U.S. We have heard countless explanations and witnessed our colleagues struggle with the conundrum. Well, the super sleuths that we are, we have leaped the why in a single bound and here it is, get ready… “Barney Frank, the Massachusetts Democrat, is chairman of […]

RCM Editorial: Barney Frank vs. Barney the Dinosaur. Who Would Cause More Damage As a Congressman?

Barney the Dinosaur has a child’s intellect, so he would not understand the damage he is causing. While Barney Frank’s intellect is certainly debatable, he’s an adult, so he should understand the damage, which makes him that much more dangerous. The answer to the question: Barney Frank! Barney is my favorite fool on Capitol Hill; the hippopotamus of hypocrisy, the […]

RCM Editorial: Writing from the Road…

Gary and I are working this week out of our old haunt, New York City. We are having a great time, accomplishing a lot, and enjoying NYC (all together now: LET’S GO RANGERS!!). Plenty has happened in the markets this week and we will get back to blogging the ‘News that Moves’ as soon as possible. I felt I would […]