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Third Party Administrators to Improve Hedge Fund Transparency

West Palm Beach (HedgeCo.net) – In an example of how hedge funds and CTAs are turning to third-party administrators with an eye on offering their investors improved transparency, hedge fund and FoHF provider Spectrum Global Fund Administration has teamed up […]

U.S. hedge funds bleeding, one gone

SF Gate – There probably won’t be many tears for Larkspur’s Copper River Management LLC. The $1 billion hedge fund’s partiality to short selling earned it obloquy, lawsuits and, ultimately, death. No trace of company personnel could be found for […]

Force of credit crunch made plain as 170 hedge funds crash in three months

Times Online- Hedge funds are continuing to feel the full force of the credit crunch, with 170 funds forced into liquidation during the first quarter, a Chicago research firm reported yesterday. The bleak figures published by Hedge Fund Research (HFR) […]

Energy Hedge Funds Sputter Despite Soaring Markets

CNNMoney.com- Oil and natural gas prices have soared to new highs this year, but most energy hedge funds are having trouble turning a profit in their trades. Energy hedge fund managers interviewed by Hedge Fund Trades cited various reasons for […]