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Swindler pays for faking death

The London Free Press – A hedge-fund swindler who faked his own death in an effort to skip out on a 20-year prison term was sentenced yesterday to two extra years. Federal Judge Kenneth Karas said Samuel Israel III was […]

Judge could give hedge swindler more than 18 months for skipping out on prison

Chicago Tribune – The judge who is sentencing hedge-fund swindler Samuel Israel III for skipping out on prison may want to make an example of him. Israel admitted in March that he faked his suicide and jumped bail last year […]

‘We are approached by hedge funds considering fund liquidations on a weekly basis’

Times Online – Every week at least one British hedge fund is considering winding up its funds as catastrophic investment performance puts the sector under unprecedented pressure, an industry expert said yesterday. Andrew Shrimpton, the former head of hedge fund […]