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Malaysian 5-year bond-swaps negative

Forbes – The spread between Malaysia’s 5-yr IRS and 5-yr government bond yields hit a negative 9.5 bps on Thursday, as hedge funds and other speculators aggressively received 5-year swaps. The spread was a positive 9.5 bps on Aug 5. […]

Oil Little Changed on Concern Demand Recovery Yet to Occur

 Bloomberg – Crude oil was little changed near $60 a barrel in New York amid concerns the global recovery has yet to take root, postponing a rebound in demand for fuel. Hedge-fund managers and other large speculators reduced their net-long […]

In Chrysler Saga, Hedge Funds Cast As Prime Villain

President Obama’s harsh attack on hedge funds he blamed for forcing Chrysler into bankruptcy yesterday sparked cries of protest from the secretive financial firms that hold about $1 billion of the automaker’s debt. Hedge funds and investment managers were irate […]

Why hedge funds might shine in 2009

Morningstar.ca – Hedge fund managers, once the swashbuckling frontiersmen of international finance and subject of fawning cocktail party banter, have quickly gone from hero to goat. As the global credit bubble burst with a vengeance in 2008, so too did […]

Gold hits new historic high in Thailand

Enews 2.0 – Gold prices have been rising throughout February, in tandem with the world market, which stood at about 975 dollars per ounce on Thursday.   "I have never seen the gold market like this, with steady rises every day," […]

A Hedge Fund Gambles on Death

BusinessWeek – The market for exotic securities hasn’t entirely gone away. It’s just gone underground—-six feet under, to be precise. Hedge fund Davidson Kempner Capital Management is plunging into life settlements—a market in which speculators buy-up unwanted life insurance policies […]

OPEC Calls for Curbing Speculators, Blames Hedge Funds for Rout

Bloomberg – OPEC wants U.S. regulators to curtail oil trading by hedge funds and speculators who helped make last year the most volatile in crude oil trading. Abdalla el-Badri, secretary-general of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, is seeking rules […]

Treasury Select Committee turns the spotlight on hedge funds

Times Online – They are the financial world’s most secretive and unaccountable men — but also among its wealthiest and most influential. Today, four of the sharpest speculators in the hedge fund industry will be thrust into the spotlight when […]

Speculators and Our Food: E-I-E-I-O!

The Austin Chronicle – Oh, this is just dandy! Hedge-fund schemers and Wall Street manipulators – the very characters who brought us the Great American Housing Collapse – have a new target for their fast-buck profiteering: farming. E-I-E-I-O! Speculators have […]

Hedge Funds Take Bullish Position On Gold

West Palm Beach (HedgeCo.net) – In the last week leading up to today, (Tuesday) hedge funds and other "large speculators" took their largest bullish position (when compared with the number of bearish bets) since early August. Commercial traders such as […]