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These 5 Underdogs Are No Dogs

The Money Times – Short-sellers and hedge funds, though sometimes shadowy, are also sometimes seen as the smartest guys in the room. They did their homework and will bet their capital against the crowd. It’s not the most popular way […]

SEC To Curtail Abusive Short Sales

HedgeCo.net (West Palm Beach) – The SEC announced several actions protecting against short sales and make more short sale information available to the public. ”Today’s actions demonstrate the Commission’s determination to address short selling abuses while at the same time […]

‘The Undesirable Effects of Banning Short Sales’

Here Is The City – According to recently published data (for the United States in particular), a large majority of short sellers are market makers who are hedging their bets on the options markets. They were not affected by the […]

CPIC Responds to SEC’s Proposed Curbs on Short-Selling

West Palm Beach (HedgeCo.net) – James Chanos, Chairman of the Coalition of Private Investment Companies (CPIC), said in response to the SEC’s five proposed rules put forward to curb short-selling, "Rebuilding investor confidence should be the primary objective of any […]

Soros Fund Fined $2.2 Million by Hungarian Regulator

Bloomberg – Billionaire investor George Soros’s Soros Fund Management LLC was fined 489 million forint ($2.2 million) for attempting to manipulate the share price of OTP Bank Nyrt., Hungary’s largest bank, the country’s financial regulator said. The Soros fund attempted […]

Bernard Madoff, the Mafia, and the Friends of Michael Milken

Market Rap – In 2005, Patrick Byrne, the CEO of Overstock.com and future Deep Capture investigative reporter, began a public crusade against illegal naked short selling (hedge funds and brokers creating phantom stock to manipulate stock prices down). He said, […]

Hedge Funds Not Alone in Defending Short-Selling Secrecy

Seeking Alpha – The debate over short selling often pits traditional “long-only” managers against the upstart alternatives: hedge funds. But as this report in yesterday’s FT points out, the lines between “traditional” and “alternative” are blurring quickly. The Alternative Investment […]

Artradis AB2 Fund Said to Profit During Market Rout

Bloomberg – The Artradis AB2 fund, run by Singapore’s biggest hedge-fund firm, gained 4.96 percent in September, when Asian equities had their worst month in 18 years, two people with knowledge of its performance said. The $2.2 billion hedge fund, […]

Dubai adds to chorus against market abuse

Financial Times – Dubai yesterday joined the chorus of regulatory voices condemning the short-selling of shares as concern mounted that hedge funds shorting key Gulf companies are contributing to a dramatic drop in regional bourses. Short selling, through which investors […]

Pharos Russia Hedge Fund Holds Up In June

West Palm Beach (HedgeCo.Net)- Russia has held up very well over the month of June  according to one of the most experienced Russian hedge fund managers, Pharos Financial Group. For the first half of 2008, the Pharos Russia Fund was […]