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Girlfriend of hedge fund swindler Samuel Israel, accused of trying to send him money in jail

Union-News & Sunday Republican – The girlfriend of hedge fund swindler Samuel Israel III, already accused of helping him skip out on a prison sentence, tried to send him $300 in jail, officials said Wednesday. The cash was "secreted in […]

Defrauded fund investors sue Goldman

International Herald Tribune- Samuel Israel 3rd bilked his investors out of $250 million, but they are hoping to recoup some of their money from one of Wall Street’s deepest pockets: Goldman Sachs. Bayou’s creditors were taking aim at Goldman even before […]

No Bail for Hedge Fund Schemer Israel

New York (HedgeCo.Net) – Chances are, when you stage a suicide to avoid a 20-year prison sentence and spark an international manhunt, you’re probably not going to have the luxury of being granted bail.  That’s exactly what happened when Judge […]