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Harbinger Continues Cablevision Sell-off

Multichannel Online – Harbinger Capital, the hedge fund that caused a stir last year when it began buying large blocks of Cablevision Systems shares, continued a sell-off of the stock that began earlier this year, reducing its holdings in the […]

DEALTALK-Not all bad news in hedge funds

Reuters – A handful of hedge funds has resisted the global crisis ravaging their rivals, reaping bumper returns in 2008 in a sign some niche players will always beat the market no matter how dire the outlook. There is no […]

Hedge Funds, Oil Prices and Resulting Recession

Seeking Alpha – In 1997, some observers feared an impending global recession as a result of the headwinds stemming from the Asian financial crisis. However, within two years, those fears had dissipated and were replaced with new concerns of irrational […]