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Return of the Nineties fund superstar

This is Money – A star fund manager who made thousands of pounds for investors in the Nineties is set for a comeback. William Littlewood was at the helm of the Jupiter Income fund which increased investors’ savings by 600%. This week, […]

A bailout to some, a hedge fund to others

Globe and Mail – Daniel Gross, writing on Slate, makes an interesting point about the latest version of the U.S. government’s bailout plan: The plan, officially known as the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, looks a lot like the […]

How the Bailout Is Like a Hedge Fund

Slate – The Wall Street bailout is alive again. In an effort to make the $700 billion bailout palatable, the architects of the law have larded it up with all sorts of goodies, such as increasing the levels of deposit […]