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Salida ‘back from the abyss’

Globe and Mail – When Salida Capital Corp. beat all other bidders in a charity auction last month to score lunch with Warren Buffett, the $1.68-million (U.S.) win sent a signal to Bay Street: Salida is back. Salida, the once […]

Chinese hedge fund manager eats up Warren Buffett

Daily News – Lunch with Warren Buffett? $2.11 million. Firsthand insight from the world’s second-richest man? Priceless. A Chinese hedge fund manager who won a high-priced charity auction for the right to break bread with Buffett on Wednesday said he […]

Billionaire Buffett auctions off another lunch

Sioux City Journal – Last year’s winning bid for lunch with legendary investor Warren Buffett topped $2.1 million, but given the economic turmoil, who knows if this year’s bidding will approach that level. Yet Buffett has built a devoted following […]

Hedge-Fund Divorcee Dives Into Art, Sex, Brooklyn: Book Review

Bloomberg – If there’s anything tougher than being married to a hedge-fund guy, it’s being divorced from one. That’s the lesson of Jill Kargman’s new novel, “The Ex-Mrs. Hedgefund.” Kargman specializes in the wealthy residents of Manhattan’s Upper East Side. […]