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Ex-BDO Seidman’s Mark Bloom Pleads Guilty in Hedge Fund Fraud

Bloomberg – Hedge fund manager Mark Bloom pleaded guilty to U.S. charges that he stole at least $20 million from clients and lied to them, and that he helped sell illegal tax shelters while working earlier at BDO Seidman LLP. […]

Steel Partners says Icahn fights on in Caymans

Reuters – Carl Icahn and other investors who failed to block Steel Partners’ plan to convert a hedge fund into a listed partnership in Delaware court, continue to fight the plan in the Cayman Islands, Steel Partners said on Thursday. […]

Could hedge funds be the Holy Grail for weary investors?

Herald Tribune – Investors are always searching for the "Holy Grail" of investing; that is, investments with high returns, low risk and little correlation to the returns of the broad stock and bond markets. Some investors believe that they have […]