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SEC remains unfit to prevent next Madoff

Sentinel and Enterprise – After Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme collapsed, having bilked charities, hedge funds and retirees of as much as $65 billion, the temptation is to say: “We’ve learned our lesson. That will never happen again.” Barring an overhaul […]

Experts respond to SEC proposals

Caymen Net News – Local hedge fund experts have reacted favourably to last week’s proposals by the Inspector General of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to increase fund regulation. The SEC has proposed that regulation of hedge funds […]

Inspector General investigating Boston and New York SEC offices in in wake of Markopolos allegations

Examiner.com – David Kotz, Securities and Exchange Commission Inspector General, told the U.S. House Committee on Financial Services last week he was determined to learn "the reasons for the SEC’s apparent failure to act" on repeated warnings about Bernard Madoff’s massive […]