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MEPs demand unprecedented openness from hedge funds

Guardian.co.uk – MEPs will call tomorrow for EU legislation to force private equity groups and hedge funds to disclose unprecedented amounts of information about their activities. The demand for tougher regulation comes as private equity groups are warning that the […]

Hedge Funds Capitalizing on Beaten Down Mortgage Market

New York (HedgeCo.Net) – Foreclosed properties present an opportunity, to some, of finding an otherwise unattainable home at a deeply discounted rate.  For hedge funds, foreclosures could mean massive returns in the near future.  That’s why dozens of hedge funds […]

New player on the bad loan scene

Star News Online- Dozens of hedge funds, private equity groups and other investors have plunged into the beaten-down mortgage market in recent months, buying tens of thousands of distressed loans and foreclosed properties around the country. They hope to profit […]

Hedge fund managers shy away from signing compliance code

The Independent – Hedge funds have given a voluntary code for the industry a collective thumbs-down – not a single firm has signed up to the compliance standards since they were launched in January. Nearly five months ago the Hedge […]

UK advises China on private equity industry

Forbes.com – The UK government is advising China on its private equity industry, with the Treasury passing papers on tax and regulation to Beijing, the Financial Times reported. The newspaper said the move reflects London’s desire to gain a strategic […]

Hedge Fund Crescendo Partners gives a jolt to Cott shares

New York (HedgeCo.Net) – Soft-drink maker Cott Corp. has gotten a vote of confidence from hedge fund Crescendo Partners, along with a boost in share value. Crescendo has raised its stake to 8.7% in the struggling company, and will meet […]