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Hedge Funds: Defensive In Tone, Aggressive In Strategy

Wall Street Journal Blogs – In an effort to forestall more redemptions and panic, hedge-fund managers preached “strong stomachs” and washed their hands of responsibility for losses in the latest round of investor letters. A review of nearly a dozen […]

Hedge funds see huge outflow of money, $210 bn

Commodity Online – Steep performance losses and record investor capital redemptions reduced the size of the hedge fund industry by $210 billion in 3Q08. This represents the largest historical quarterly decline in assets, according to data released the other day […]

Hedge funds down but not out

National Post – With strategy-wide net outflows of more than US$31-billion in the third quarter – the largest net capital redemption in the industry’s history – things aren’t looking too good for the hedge fund industry. Its size also fell […]