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Investors reject Centaurus restructure

FT Alphaville – Centaurus Capital is running down its flagship hedge fund after investors with the London activist failed to back an emergency restructuring. Centaurus, founded by former BNP Paribas traders Bernard Oppetit and Randy Freeman, will now repay the bulk of […]

Chrysler cash drains away as crisis deepens

Reuters – Chrysler LLC is rapidly burning through cash and being driven to prepare for a possible break-up if it can’t clinch a merger with General Motors Corp or get government funding needed to ride out the economic crisis, people […]

Polygon Concedes to British Energy, Winds Down Flagship Hedge Fund

West Palm Beach (HedgeCo.net) – Alternative investor, Polygon Investment Partners LLP has agreed not to further oppose the restructuring of the company by British Energy and other shareholders, in exchange the shareholders and British Energy have agreed to stop all […]

New York Hedge Fund Fails to Gain Seats on Board

New York (HedgeCo.Net) – New York hedge fund Elliott International’s quest to place two members of its team on the board of New Zealand-based Telecom has officially come to an end when they failed to win the bid at the […]

RAB Capital plans to revamp flagship fund

Financial Times – RAB Capital is planning to restructure its flagship hedge fund, which plunged more than a third this year, and offering investors lower fees in return for agreeing not to withdraw their money for three years. It is […]

Hedge Funds’ Capital Idea: Fee Cuts

Wall Street Journal – In another sign of the changing power dynamics between hedge funds and their investors, funds are offering to cut fees if investors agree to stay put. Camulos Capital LP in a letter last week asked its […]

Hedge fund puts freeze on withdrawals

Investment News – Investors in Sandelman Partners LP’s $3.2 billion multistrategy hedge fund will not be able to make withdrawals due to a restructuring of the fund, The Wall Street Journal reported. The announcement came after 20% of stakeholders in […]