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3i Infrastructure buys bonds from distressed hedge funds

Telegraph.co.uk – 3i Infrastructure, which is 43pc owned by private equity group 3i, said it had exploited an "anomaly in the market" and added it was keen to take part in any purchase of Gatwick, after BAA was told it […]

David Cameron challenges Mandelson over Russian oligarch donation

Telegraph.co.uk – Mr Cameron said that his shadow chancellor George Osborne had explained "very clearly" all the meetings and conversations he had had about a possible £50,000 donation from Oleg Deripaska and called on Mr Mandelson to produce a similar […]

Gradient close to collapse as hedge funds feel heat

Telegraph.co.uk – The City-based European equity fund, which had $2.5bn under management at its peak, is now down over 63pc so far this year, leaving investors fearful it will be forced to close. The “blow-up” is a mighty fall for […]

Anglo-Saxon hedge funds shorting on Madrid falls

Telegraph.co.uk – EU data shows that Philip Falcone, the US hedge fund baron who led the assault on HBOS, has sold short €138m (£108m) of Banco Popular’s shares, or 1.65pc of the total float, through his fund Harbinger Capital. He […]

Asia plunges futher into financial chaos

Telegraph.co.uk – A move by US and European central banks, as well as by central banks in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia and South Korea, to slash borrowing costs has failed to reassure investors. "It’s impossible to predict the bottom, […]

Hedge funds to hand back millions

Telegraph.co.uk – In the biggest-ever round of redemptions, funds around the world are braced to give back between 10pc and 50pc of their assets under management. Hedge funds were faced with a slew of redemption notices at the start of […]

‘Goldfinger’ makes comeback with launch of $5bn hedge fund

Telegraph.co.uk – Mark McGoldrick, a former Goldman Sachs trader whose track record earned him the nickname ‘Goldfinger’ during his career with the Wall Street bank, is making a comeback with a new $5bn (£2.8bn) fund. McGoldrick, who famously earned $70m […]

BAA in talks with hedge fund to save finance plan

Telegraph.co.uk – BAA is in urgent talks with a hedge fund client of investment bank UBS that is threatening to scupper the airport operator’s proposed £7.65bn refinancing. As today’s deadline for bondholders to vote through a crucial part of the […]

Hedge funds badly burnt in inflation expectations bet

Telegraph.co.uk- Hedge funds have suffered major losses after wrongly betting that market inflation expectations would fall, the Bank of England has said. The Bank reported that many hedge funds had been badly burnt after market expectations for inflation rose to […]