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BIO Congratulates President-Elect Obama on His Presidential Election Victory

West Palm Beach (HedgeCo.net) – The following statement was issued by Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) President and CEO Jim Greenwood following the U.S. elections: "On behalf of the more than 1,200 members of the Biotechnology Industry Organization, I offer our […]

What Can Hedge Funds Expect from President Obama?

New York Times Blogs – After pouring money into Barack Obama’s campaign, what can hedge funds and their executives expect from the new president? If history is any exmaple, says FINAlternatives, they shouldn’t expect a cuddly relationship. Mr. Obama didn’t […]

With the end of the US election, managers begin to plan for new administration’s effects on economy and regulation

Opalesque – For the US financial markets, as the credit crisis unfolded there was, along with the desire for immediate action, a sense that the government was taking temporary steps until the election would decide which administration would be the […]

Obama brushes aside GOP criticism of his tax plans

Bloomington Pantagraph – Democrat Barack Obama on Wednesday brushed aside Republican charges that his tax plan amounts to socialism, but acknowledged it involves “spreading around opportunity’’ so that wealthier Americans — like himself — pay a little more to help […]

Be wary of deregulation scapegoat

Myrtle Beach Sun News – The financial turmoil has pushed the Obama campaign into the lead, and this is mostly justified. Barack Obama is more thoughtful on the economy than his opponent, and his bench of advisers is superior. But […]

Stocks rally as Bush pushes revived bailout

KTAK – U.S. lawmakers and President George W. Bush eased pressure on financial markets on Tuesday by starting work to revive a $700 billion bailout plan to stem a credit crisis that has spread beyond Wall Street to claim more […]

Carbon disaster

Edmonton Sun – Stop worrying about a carbon tax driving up the cost of everything we buy after this election. Start worrying about a cap-and-trade carbon market doing the same thing. Canada will only get a carbon tax if Liberal […]

Biden No Hedge Fund Lover

HedgeFund.Net – According to Joseph Biden, the hedge fund industry and private equity deserve the blame for the global credit crisis. The Delaware senator and running mate of Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama made that assertion in a primary debate […]

So you think Obama is a reformer. Dream on

This is Money – Perhaps you’ve been imagining that if Barack Obama becomes President of the US, he will impose tough new rules on Wall Street, sweep away the economic inequalities of the Bush years and demand that the gigantic […]

Big-Dollar Donors Are Major Force in Obama Campaign

New York Times – In an effort to cast himself as independent of the influence of money on politics, Senator Barack Obama often highlights the campaign contributions of $200 or less that have amounted to fully half of the $340 […]

TRS Official May Leave For Fund Of Hedge Funds

FINalternatives- An Illinois pension fund official caught up in the trial of a prominent supporter of Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) may be joining a new hedge fund. Jon Bauman, executive director of the $38.7 billion Teachers’ Retirement System of Illinois, […]