With the end of the US election, managers begin to plan for new administration’s effects on economy and regulation

Opalesque – For the US financial markets, as the credit crisis unfolded there was, along with the desire for immediate action, a sense that the government was taking temporary steps until the election would decide which administration would be the next to hold office.

As the November 4th election has determined the next US President to be Barack Obama, hedge fund managers gathering at the Walkers "Fighting the Tape" seminar on Thursday (November 6th) will include in their discussions on the outcome of the Presidential Election and the direction of the hedge funds industry.

"I do not look for a President-elect Obama to increase taxes on successful individuals as he has proposed. It is one thing to get elected, another to govern." Professor Jeffrey Rosensweig, Director of the Global Perspectives Program at Goizueta Business School of Emory University told Opalesque. A speaker at the "Fighting the Tape" seminar, Prof. Rosensweig will examine the global economy, market trends, changing demographics and global opportunities for investors and investment managers. "Given the backdrop of looming recession, he will realize this is no time to raise taxes on those who create jobs and/or put capital to productive use, and would face the disincentive of high marginal tax rates which he currently proposes."

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