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Hedge funds in ’09: Turning crisis into an opportunity

Gulf Times – It can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff when there is no immediately apparent difference between them. These days, the world of hedge funds more closely resembles a vast field of chaff, with just […]

Hedge Funds Care and CAYS partner

Caymen Net News – The CAYS Foundation is continuing its work with the Cayman Islands’ youth, raising awareness and addressing the issues of child abuse and neglect, through funding from a Hedge Funds Care Cayman (HFCC) grant. Among the many […]

Hedge funds ‘encourage bankruptcies’ for profit

Guardian.co.uk – "Parts of the current complexity arises from the existence of distressed debt investors who sometimes see commercial advantage from using an insolvency process to organise the sale of the viable part of a business to a solvent buyer […]