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Schultheis Says Leave Money in Index Funds, Ignore Wall Street

Bloomberg – Bill Schultheis, amateur mountaineer and investment adviser, says there’s more to life than staring at stock market screens. His new book, “The New Coffehouse Investor,” says the path to success consists of the following: Get a game plan […]

Hedge fund bill to give SEC registration authority

Guardian Unlimited – A U.S. Senate bill to make the $1.3 trillion hedge fund industry more transparent would give federal regulators the authority to require fund managers to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission, one of the bill’s authors […]

Professor Rajan Proposes Hedge Funds For India

West Palm Beach (HedgeCo.net) – In the April 2008, Draft Report of the Committee on Financial Sector Reforms headed by Professor Raghuram Rajan, it was proposed by the high-level committee that, “The presence of hedge funds would induce greater competitive […]