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Platypus Capital Closes Hedge Funds in ‘Post-Madoff World’

Bloomberg – Platypus Capital Management is liquidating its long-short Asian and Australian hedge funds, citing difficulties in a “post-Madoff world.” The Sydney-based firm, with about $42 million in assets, will return funds to investors, saying it didn’t have a “viable […]

Australian Hedge Funds Post 2.1% Return in March on Share Rally

Bloomberg – Australian hedge funds returned an average 2.1 percent in March, beating the 1.3 percent profit of their global peers. The Australian Fund Monitors Index, which tracks the performance of more than 200 hedge funds managed from within the […]

Australian Hedge Funds Will Attract New Cash in 2009

Bloomberg – Australian hedge funds will attract a net inflow of cash in 2009 after record redemptions by overseas investors led to the closure of at least 10 funds in the fourth quarter, the local arm of the Alternative Investment […]

Hedge funds back short selling ban

Sydney Morning Herald – The hedge fund industry says it supports federal government plans to ban naked short selling and impose a disclosure regime for covered short selling. The Australian arm of the Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) said the […]

BNP forks out $26b for Fortis units

Sydney Morning Herald – BNP Paribas SA, France’s biggest bank, agreed to take control of Fortis in Belgium and Luxembourg for 14.5 billion euros ($26 billion), completing a breakup of the lender after a government rescue failed. BNP Paribas will […]

Transpacific blames hedge funds for shorting stock

Sydney Morning Herald- The waste management business Transpacific has attempted to snuff out concerns about its ability to service its $2.6 billion of debts, arguing that the market has failed to recognise its "incredible cash flow" and the value of […]

Vulnerable to viruses, damned by the hedge funds

Sydney Morning Herald- There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that those aggressive funds we all love to hate were responsible for the massive fall in Babcock & Brown’s share price yesterday – a fall so large it prompted […]