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Soros to Invest $1 Billion in Clean Energy, Form Advisory Group

Bloomberg – Soros, the founder of hedge fund Soros Fund Management LLC, announced the investment in Copenhagen on Oct. 10 at a meeting on climate change sponsored by Project Syndicate. The group is an international association made up of 430 […]

Hedge funds turn institutionalised

The Financial Standard- The global hedge fund space is undergoing a period of radical change as large hedge funds become institutionalised, new research shows. According to international strategy consultancy Celent, large hedge funds are undergoing institutionalisation as US pension plans […]

Edeus launches mortgage quality assessment service

Reuters UK- Mortgage market specialist edeus is launching a service that it says will allow investors and bankers to assess the quality of pools of mortgages behind asset-backed securities based on up-to-date information. Edeus says its service differs from traditional […]