Monthly Archives: February 2011

ALTIN Announces Hedge Fund Holdings

New York ( – ALTIN AG disclosed its entire hedge fund portfolio holdings as part of its policy of full transparency to investors initiated in 2009. The portfolio, featuring over 35 underlying hedge funds, and representing 10 investment strategies, is […]

Hedge Fund Managers Steve Cohen and Marc Lasry Turn Down Offers To Buy The Mets

Business Insider – Forbes’ Mike Ozanian reports that Fred Wilpon reached out to Steve Cohen of SAC Capital and Marc Lasry of Avenue Capital to offer them a stake in the New York Mets, but that both billionaires turned him down. […]

Why Dinan Worries About Fate of Small Hedge Funds

DealBook – For the head of a multibillion-dollar hedge fund, James G. Dinan worries a lot about the fate of the industry’s littlest players. Mr. Dinan, the chief executive and founder of York Capital Management, said in a speech on Monday […]

Nevsky’s Taylor Scales Back With $800 Million Fund

Bloomberg – Nevsky Capital LLP’s Martin Taylor, who decided a year ago to step away from the “intensity” of running a $3.3 billion hedge fund, is starting a new version one-fourth the size, said two people with knowledge of the […]

Many Hedge Funds Have Weak Start In January, Lagging Stocks

Dow Jones – Many hedge funds lagged stock market indexes and took the wrong side of currency and interest-rate bets in January, in a lackluster start to the year for the industry. The HFRX Global Hedge Fund Index, tracking about […]

Pension board wants better hedge fund results – In a move to save $30 million in fees and improve investment results, the state pension fund is looking to cut middlemen out of its approach to hedge fund investing. The pension board yesterday voted to start investing […]

First Hedge Fund Manager Named In Galleon Probe

New York ( – The SEC probe of hedge fund insider trading has named Barai Capital Management LP’s founder and former hedge fund manager at Citigroup, Samir Bara, as a co-conspirator in a complaint against an ex-consultant for networking firm Primary Global LLC, Bloomberg […]

Union Bancaire Privée Recruits Experienced MENA Equities Team

Press Release –  Union Bancaire Privée (UBP) announced today that it has recruited a highly-rated Middle East & North Africa (MENA) equities investment team to provide its clients with on-the-ground access to the return potential of the region’s stock markets. […]

Bahrain’s Investcorp first half profit dips

Reuters – Investcorp, the Bahrain-based alternative investment manager, on Tuesday reported a small drop in first-half profit as its hedge fund returns slowed after a strong performance in the previous year. The company, which once floated luxury brands Gucci and Tiffany […]

Activist Hedge Funds: Ramius Challenges Immersion Choice of Directors

New York ( – Alternative investment and hedge fund advisor Ramius Value and Opportunity Advisors LLC, a subsidiary of Ramius LLC., (Ramius) has challenged the board of top touch technology company Immersion to elect a new Director. Ramius also nominated […]

Hedge Funds Back In Style, What Advisors Should Know

Forbes – Like it or not, hedge funds are making a comeback. After taking a nasty fall post-Madoff, the hedge fund industry’s assets are approaching their historical peak with $1.917 trillion in the 4th quarter of 2010. That’s slightly shy […]

Zurich Beats Geneva As Swiss Hedge Fund Location – Study

Dow Jones – Zurich and its surrounding region offers the best location as a base for asset managers and international hedge funds, according to a study published Tuesday. “Zurich has a clear edge over Geneva, and with the Pfaeffikon and […]