Activist Hedge Funds: Ramius Challenges Immersion Choice of Directors

New York ( – Alternative investment and hedge fund advisor Ramius Value and Opportunity Advisors LLC, a subsidiary of Ramius LLC., (Ramius) has challenged the board of top touch technology company Immersion to elect a new Director. Ramius also nominated a list of directors for presentation at Immersion’s 2011 annual meeting of shareholders.

“As Immersion’s largest shareholder, we have continually tried to work cooperatively to enhance the composition of the Board for the benefit of all shareholders. “Ramius Managing Director Peter Feld said in a letter to the members of the Board of Directors of Immersion Corporation, “Unfortunately, our efforts have been rebuffed at every turn. Meanwhile, the current Board has overseen extremely poor long-term operating and stock price performance.”

Ramius owns approximately 8.8% of the shares outstanding. In the letter, the hedge fund advisor outlined its views regarding the weak long-term operating and stock price performance and the need for change on the Board of Directors.

Ramius claims the current Director has no experience in technology and was placed in the position due to direct ties to the Chairman of Immersion, Jack Salticha. Only 27% of Immersion’s shareholders voted to support his election to the Board at the 2010 annual meeting.

“Since the end of 2007, Immersion has burned through approximately $78 million of cash, equivalent to $2.77 per share or 46% of the Company’s current stock price. For this substantial investment, which included over $30 million in research and development expenses, revenues have increased by a dismal $1.5 million or 5%,” the letter said.

Dialectic Capital, the second largest shareholder of Immersion, publicly disclosed that they too had nominated a slate of directors for election at the 2011 annual meeting.

“This should be a wake up call to the Board.” Ramius said, “Your shareholders are not happy.”

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