STAR CTA Data Integrated With Risk Shell Cloud

User Contributed News – Stark & Company, one of the oldest investment research house of the managed futures asset classes, announced the availability of its data with the latest release of Risk Shell by ABC Quant, LLC. , a leading provider of risk management analytical solutions for the alternative investment industry. By powering the new cloud-based risk platform through access to over 900 active trading programs, Stark & Company and ABC Quant deliver the most sophisticated all-in-one risk management and portfolio construction solution for managed futures investors.

Stark & Company offers a broad array of specialized research products and services specific to alternative investments and managed futures. The firm maintains one of the industry’s oldest and most established Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) databases. Through its STAR CTA Database, Stark & Company provides institutional and individual investors with detailed performance information and analysis on more than 900 managed futures programs, foreign exchange programs, and futures funds worldwide.

Risk Shell by ABC Quant is a cloud-based risk management platform offering a comprehensive choice of analytical solutions for investment professionals including:

  • risk-return valuation across hundreds of advanced metrics including high moments;
  • manager screening tools;
  • returns- and holdings-based risk analysis;
  • portfolio construction, non-linear optimization and What-If analysis;
  • performance attribution analysis;
  • stress testing;
  • Macroeconomic Scenario Screening™ – performance assessment under different market trends;
  • peer group analysis;
  • hundreds of quantitative and qualitative screening filters.

“The STAR CTA database includes hundreds of programs not available from any other data vendors,” said Andrew Grauberg, CEO and president of ABC Quant. “The data from Stark & Company is among the most comprehensive and trusted managed futures data sources available today. We’re pleased to launch a new product that helps investors to construct robust investment portfolios by fully utilizing the quality of the STAR CTA data and research. ”

“Managed futures present a unique class of assets that can be a source of uncorrelated alpha when constructing market neutral portfolios. However, risk assessment of managed futures is a challenging task that requires advanced analytical solutions. Risk Shell delivers such solutions that exceed expectations of the most demanding institutional investors,” said Mr. Daniel Stark, President of Stark & Company.

About ABC Quant

ABC Quant, LLC is an established vendor of analytical models and software tools for the hedge fund industry. Its in-depth knowledge of alternative investments has enabled it to develop a growing family of unique solutions for investment professionals. It is a global company with offices and representatives in USA, UK, Australia, Luxemburg and Japan.

Typical Risk Shell users include:

  • Fund of fund managers
  • Institutional risk managers
  • Mutual fund asset managers
  • Pension plans
  • Family offices
  • Banks, wealth management divisions

About Stark & Company

For more than 25 years, Stark & Company has been researching the managed futures industry while compiling and publishing performance and analytical statistics on futures traders and funds in a variety of products, newsletters, and reports. The firm is a data provider to a variety of futures brokerage firms, introducing brokers, financial advisors, institutions and private investors. For the additional information please contact:

Stark & Company
Pete Church
Business Development Manager
+1 (619) 702 1230

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