When Rewards Outweigh Risks

Gold Seek – Risk has quickly regained its status as a four-letter word.

No one wants to hear about it and no one wants to think about it. But those willing to take it on (pragmatically, mind you) will likely earn greater rewards than they would have at any other point in the past twenty years.

Right now, the herd is absolutely afraid of any risk at all…even good risks. My case in point is when the bond market went upside-down again yesterday. Investors were buying up the “safest” assets in the world as fast as they could.

At one point in the day, T-bills were yielding less than zero. Essentially, someone was willing to lend the government money for nothing, absolutely zero, in return.

It’s like selling dollar bills for 99 cents. It just doesn’t make any sense, but it does prove one thing; practically no one is willing to take on any risk right now. No one knows what’s going to happen next and the sidelines are a cozy, warm, and safe place to be. I can hear the beaten down hedge fund managers (that still has a job) now, “I may not get ahead, but I’m not going to fall behind either.”

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