Don’t Miss Today’s Webinar: An Innovative New Tool For RIAs

New York (HedgeCo.Net) Ask any RIA and you will probably hear that the current model for allocation to hedge funds and alternatives is broken. HedgeCoVest has found an interesting solution. HedgeCoVest, the 2015 Benzinga Fintech “First Place Winner” over platforms like Betterment and “Best in Class” for Alternative Investments, is continuing to lead the way in the Democratization of Alternatives for RIAs. Today at 2PM EST HedgeCoVest will unveil a new tool for RIAs to make it easier to allocate to hedge funds and alternative investments.

HedgeCoVest can work directly with your Interactive Brokers or Charles Schwab accounts, making it easy to allocate to hedge fund strategies for all your clients. The firm provides the security and intra-day liquidity of SMAs, with the additional benefits of flat fees, no lock-ups, and no K-1s.

  • HedgeCoVest helps RIAs build business by making hedge fund strategies easily accessible.
  • HedgeCoVest helps RIAs to create customized, alternative allocations for their clients for as little as $30,000.
  • HedgeCoVest provides security, transparency, and liquidity, all with lower fees, than traditional hedge fund investments.
  • HedgeCoVest investment portfolios are maintained in an individuals brokerage account, reducing some of the risks associated with placing assets in a commingled fund vehicle.

To learn more you are invited to join HedgeCoVest CEO Evan Rapoport for a Webinar today November 18, 2015 at 2PM EST to learn how the platform can broaden your client base and diversify your revenue stream, without any additional operational or regulatory burden on your firm.


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