Hedge funds ‘are resilient’

Reuters – In spite of suffering more than most markets in the global downturn, hedge funds are likely to bounce back faster than other markets.

That is the view of Barclay’s Capital director Frank Gerhard whose company is a major player in the regional hedge fund market and is in the process of launching a Sharia-compliant hedge fund platform along with Sharia Capital.

"We have been running a roadshow around the region and there is still a lot of institutional and high net worth individual interest in the sector.

"What we are likely to see is hedge funds bouncing back in the first quarter of next year even if equity markets remain depressed.

"Each time there is a major market downturn, like the Asia crisis of 1998 or the slump after the dotcom bubble burst, we have seen alternative investments like hedge funds bounce back far quicker than other investments.

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