Congress goes after hedge funds

BloggingStocks – Congress will bring in a bunch of big hedge fund managers like George Soros and ask them why they make so much money. It will also try to figure out if they control too much of the trading on Wall Street and borrow too much money from banks putting them at risk if the hedge funds default.

According to The Wall Street Journal, "Already, momentum is building to monitor hedge-fund activities more closely and curtail some trading activities, through greater regulatory oversight and lower borrowing limits, industry insiders said."

The government may be going a little too far here. For starters, hedge funds are private institutions with the exception of a couple which have gone public. To a large extent what they pay their traders is based on a formula which their customers accept. These fees are not forced on anyone. It is not an odd analogy to say that a farmer who makes $100 million because he owns 50,000 acres of corn has reaped what he deserves for his labor. But, he is not going to be in front of Congress testifying about what he made. Free enterprise has given him his reward.

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