A hedge fund that actually hedges risk

Globe and Mail – This is how bad things are for hedge funds right now. On the CanadianHedgeWatch.com website, a hub for the hedge business, the lead article one recent day was headlined "The hedge fund collapse."

The article, which originally appeared on the Portfolio.com website, tells us that as many as half the 10,000 hedge funds that existed earlier this year could fail or be wound up in the next 12 months. Outsmarted by the financial crisis of 2008, some prominent hedge fund managers lost 20 to 65 per cent of their assets even before October came. "The hedge fund mystique died with the crash of 2008," the article says.

The mystique is dead for sure, but hedge funds are not. The Horizons Global Contrarian Fund proves it.

What we have in Horizons Global Contrarian is a hedge fund of the old school. Rather than acting as a supercharged equity fund willing to push all risk boundaries, it tries in a measured and conservative way to make money no matter what the stock markets are doing.

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