Romney’s Hedge Fund: The Bain Bane & Binders Of Women

New York (HedgeCo.Net) – President hopeful Mitt Romney came close to admitting to a form of affirmative action when he referred to women he had scanned for placement under his governorship in Massachusetts.

During the debates with President Obama, Mitt Romney referred to “binders of women” that he had been evaluating for positions within his internal office. The term has since become an internet joke, missing the deeper sentiment somewhat.

However the “binder of women” was provided to Romney and his company by a nonprofit group called the Massachusetts Government Appointments Project, or “MassGAP” for short. MassGAP is a nonpartisan coalition of 25 women’s groups dedicated to what it sees as the underrepresentation of women in top appointed jobs.

“The incoming Romney administration worked with MassGAP to find the best qualified women for top positions in Massachusetts government,” Romney campaign spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg said. “The efforts resulted in Massachusetts having the most women in top positions in the entire country.”

When it came to Mitt Romney’s Hedge Fund, Bain Capital, the story was different. According to the Globe, Mitt Romney put together a team to run Bain Capital which was “Exclusively white and male.”

Romney’s blamed the Private Equity Industry saying that “It didn’t attract many women and minorities.”

The women, Romney insists, were not interested in the jobs.

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