Debates: Obama Backs Away From Romney’s Hedge Fund History

New York (HedgeCo.Net) – President Obama surprised Democrats in the first session of debates by failing to reference Mitt Romney’s disparaging comments about the 47 percent. Two videos were leaked last month in which Romney boasted of his china acquisitions while at hedge fund Bain capital, and another calling almost half of Americans “victims”.

All eyes were on Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in the first in a series of debates, the state of the economy dominated the evening. According to polls Romney won this one by a landslide.

Romney said: “I’m concerned that the path that we’re on has just been unsuccessful. The president has a view very similar to the view he had when he ran four years, that a bigger government, spending more, taxing more, regulating more — if you will, trickle-down government — would work.”

Obama believes: “We’ve begun to fight our way back. Over the last 30 months, we’ve seen 5 million jobs in the private sector created. The auto industry has come roaring back. And housing has begun to rise.”

Full transcript at The Washington Post.

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