Salus Alpha’s perspective on UCITS III Hedge Funds

New York ( – Salus Alpha issued a statement regarding the reinvention of the hedge fund sector since last year’s crisis. “UCITS Hedge Funds” are known as a new and innovative concept, but the strategy actually goes back to 2002 when the first hedge fund was implemented under UCITS I.

The UCITS directive was established in 1986 but it took 16 years for asset managers to take notice of the opportunities the directive provided, Salus Alpha states. Only few tried to structure innovative hedge fund products within the UCITS directive and only one was able to successfully launch the first UCITS I Hedge Fund and expand the product range significantly under UCITS III.

“From the beginning it was clear to us that transparency, liquidity and risk management were the most important factors to secure our success in inventing UCITS Hedge Funds. We recognized the potential of UCITS Hedge Funds in 2002 and despite the complicated regulations we were able to offer the first regulated Hedge Funds already under UCITS I in 2003.” Salus Alpha explained.

Now after the financial crisis has wreaked havoc on the market everyone wants to be part of the UCITS Hedge Fund world.

“We strongly believe in investing in alpha therefore it’s a mystery to us why the majority of the market invests in beta. It is becoming clearer that the interval between crises will get shorter since the global markets are more volatile than the markets of just one country. Therefore investing in products independent from this market volatility will become more important as markets get closer connected.”

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