logi Energy Determines Saudi Oil Production Has Peaked

New York (HedgeCo.net) – In a discussion with Jim Puplava, FS Radio, Jeffrey Brown described his analytical work with Dr. Samuel Foucher, also part of logi Energy, where they determined that annual production in Saudi Arabia has never exceeded the production in 2005 and believe it never will.

Jeffrey went on to discuss his land export model and the ramifications of depleting oil fields and increasing demands within exporting countries by their own citizens. He and Dr. Foucher have determined, through deep analytics, that the exports from the top 5 exporting countries has peaked and half of all oil ever to be exported after 2005 by these countries will be exported within 4 years, by 2013.

If this proves to be true, the biggest ramification for this prediction is that there will be global oil shortages in the US and other OECD countries before 2013 even at the current low demand levels. The practical application of this statement is less exports resulting in an increased likelihood of gas rationing in the US.

Jeffrey Brown, logi Energy’s VP Global Oil Supply Analysis, joined Jim Puplava on his renowned Financial Sense Newshour as the FSN News Team Energy Expert. See http://www.financialsense.com/fsn/main.html, Column One, “1st Hour FS NewsTeam” The segment, posted October 24 at 1:00 AM, can be accessed any time for listeners’ convenience and Jeffrey’s’ full presentation can be downloaded on the Financial Sense Newshour webpage.

Jeffrey, with his oil and gas exploration and production experience from West Texas, is most likely the global leader in interpreting the analytical modeling of these phenomena. He has been speaking on the subject nationwide and is the co-developer of the Export Land Model as a way to predict future export capacity from the world’s major oil exporters. This month he delivered a paper to the Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas–USA, presenting the work that he and his frequent co-author, Samuel Foucher, have done on the top five net oil-exporting countries.

Logi Energy is a group of 15 financial and engineering professionals with substantial experience in finance, oil and gas exploration and production, large projects and Energy. logi Energy has formed The Peak Oil Value Fund, a focused Hedge Fund to purchase interests in, and provide operating capital to, strategically valued, public and private oil, gas and Energy centric companies.

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