Another High Ranking Executive named in the Galleon Scandal

BNT – Another high ranking executive in the computer industry has become entangled in the Galleon hedge fund scandal that is sending tremors through Wall Street. Former Advanced Micro Devices Inc (AMD), chairman and chief Hector Ruiz is alleged to have shared classified information about AMD business deals with Ms Chiesi, who worked at the hedge fund New Castle Partners, about a 2008 restructuring of AMD. The joint deal took off for AMD’s manufacturing sector bankrolled by sponsors from United Arab Emirates. Mr. Ruiz ended up becoming chairman of the new company, Global foundries Inc., and today still remains in that position.

So far, Global Foundries has declined to make a statement. Drew Prairie, an AMD spokesman, said, “We are thoroughly reviewing the situation, but at this time we don’t have any more detail to discuss publicly. We are not aware of any allegation of criminal misconduct on the part of any current or former AMD employees, nor have any current or former AMD employees been charged with a crime.”

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