Settling down

Times of Malta – The situation in the international financial markets, although still displaying signs of uncertainty, seems to be settling down. Governments in the major economies, US, UK, Germany, France and Italy, no longer seem to be chasing fairies (or bad witches!), but appear to have got ahead of the situation.

The money markets (which were a major issue) are getting unblocked and as such even interbank lending rates are going down. However, this does not mean that the world has solved all its economic problems. We have simply gone back to the situation of a few months ago, when there was already fear of an international economic slowdown resulting from the increases in the price of oil and the consequent rise in inflation.

The recapitalisation of financial institutions by different governments, the partial or full re-nationalisation of such institutions and the continued provision of liquidity by governments to the financial system have restored a level of confidence that at last allows the system to function, even if not at an optimum, at least to an acceptable level.

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