EU’s enthusiasm for new global financial order

People – Bowing to Europe’s enthusiasm fora new global financial order, U.S. President George W. Bush has agreed recently to host a world summit on reforms of the international financial system.

After a weekend meeting at Camp David some 100 km north of Washington D.C., Bush said in a joint statement with French President Nicolas Sarkozy and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso that the summit would "seek agreement on principles of reform needed to avoid a repetition of the problems and assure global prosperity in the future."

It was regarded as a victory for European Union (EU) leaders, who are pushing hard for an overhaul of the current global financial system in the wake of the financial crisis.

Europe has become a big victim in the financial crisis, which originated in the United States. As European banks are still struggling with tight credit triggered by the U.S. sub-prime mortgage defaults, Europe learned it can hardly be separated from the United States.

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