Emissions Fund Pure Capital Peforms Well

West Palm Beach (HedgeCo.net) – In this time of extreme market moves and poor investment performance, specialist investment manager, Pure Capital, a “targeted non-correlation manager” has been performing nicely, according to sources.

“The bespoke portfolio solutions we have developed for our customers over the last 24 months have been bearing fruit” says founder and Chief Investment Officer Anthony Limbrick. Pure Capital targets European, Asian and Australasian fund of funds and institutional investors, giving clients full position level transparency and daily reporting.

Pure Capital is a quantitatively-driven investment management firm providing low or negatively correlated return profiles for discrete geographical or asset-class benchmarks. However the negative correlation is not at the expense of positive returns through the economic cyble, according to the investment manager.
Pure Capital has a research and advisory subsidiary, Pure Carbon Limited. The research team for the Pure Carbon Trading model comprises Anthony Limbrick (Chief Investment Officer), Daniel Butler, emissions trading expertise, Dr Siva Naguleswaran (Head of Research) and Hamish Limbrick, software developer.

Pure Capital is looking for strategic partners with which to launch their Pure Carbon strategy as both an alternative investment product, and an emission credit risk management solution.

The primary objective of the strategy is to provide positive access to both the upper and lower tails of carbon price distributions – and as part of a carbon portfolio – to both smooth, and increase an emission credit portfolio’s investment returns. The model is approximately 50% more short the market (than long the market) from a dynamic positioning stance.

Pure Capital has two business lines. The first, Pure Non-Correlation is a range of “off the shelf” negatively correlated returns-based products targeting specific geographical or asset class benchmarks e.g. Pure Energy, Pure Carbon. Pure Capital’s flagship Japan strategy has a greater then 2 year track record of 14% annualized –  with a correlation co-efficient of -0.19 against Japanese equity index beta. Pure Capital’s product offerings are +25% year-to-date on average.

Pure Capital’s second business line is Pure Bespoke – customized negatively-correlated portfolio solutions addressing portfolio problems such as pervasive beta and gap risk. It is these products that are helping Pure Capital’s clients weather the current financial storm.

The fund performs best during strongly trending emissions prices and does not use leverage. The target rate of return is 15% per annum with a capacity to hold AUM to $50 mln, with the possibility of up to $1 bln if emissions markets continue to grow as anticipated.

Pure Capital is looking for partnerships with businesses that are already established in the distribution of emissions products and investors looking for access to alternative return profiles in a new asset class.

The core Pure Capital team has been together since April 2005. Limbrick is also a Director and Member of the Investment Committee of 36 South Investment Managers, a volatility and tail risk manager, and Chairman of the New Zealand Absolute Return Association. He has been working with Dr Siva Naguleswaran since May 1999.

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