Hedge Fund Manager’s Bearish Bet on Yuan Finally Pays Off

New York (HedgeCo.net) – Patience is a virtue, or at least that is how the old saying goes, but in the case of Ray Bakhramov, patience is has been very profitable lately. Bakhramov and his Forum Global Opportunities Fund have been betting on market volatility for the last three years and the reasoning was the policies of central banks around the world printing money.

According to a recent report in the Wall Street Journal, the Forum fund was up 60% in August thanks to China devaluing the yuan. The fund had a long-standing bet against the currency and took losses in each of the last three years, but according to the article, the gain in August wiped those losses. Through the end of August, the fund was 107% on a year to date basis.

The Journal article went on to state that Forum was holding bearish bets against the S&P 500, the DAX, the Nikkei and German Bunds. The article featured two quotes from Bakhramov which were of interest. “We don’t think the world is going to end. It is just a very healthy cyclical adjustment that will last two-to-three years,” and “The next wave will be credit.” Needless to say, it seems like the fund is pessimistic about the global economic environment.

Rick Pendergraft
Research Analyst

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