Hedge Fund Indices Showing Small Losses For August

New York (HedgeCo.net) — As the results of different hedge funds have been coming out over the last two weeks, we have seen some fairly large losses from some of the more high-profile funds. However, the hedge fund indices have been showing that the industry as a whole performed relatively well. The HFRI Weighed Composite Index showed a loss of 1.87% in August and the results of the Credit Suisse Hedge Fund Index performance for August haven’t been released yet.

Another index whose results have been released is the SS&C GlobOp Hedge Fund Performance Index and it showed a loss of only 1.02% for the month of August. Considering the losses for the major global indices were all over six percent, it looks as though hedge funds did their job and held up much better than the global equities markets.

Another aspect of the SS&C report that is of interest is the SS&C GlobeOp Capital Movement Index which showed inflows of 0.64% in the September report and that is after a gain in inflows of 0.71% in August. Bill Stone, Chairman and CEO of SS&C, was quoted in a press release from PR Newswire stating that the inflows are a sign of confidence in hedge funds. “Given the ongoing turmoil in global markets, this indicates that investors are confident the hedge fund industry can deliver attractive returns in times of increased volatility,” Stone stated.

Rick Pendergraft
Research Analyst

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