HedgeCoVest Demonstrates New Platform At Finovate New York

6a01053620481c970b0163014095e1970d-500wiNew York (HedgeCo.Net) – HedgeCo Networks has given a demonstration of HedgeCoVest, their new, real time hedge fund replication platform, at the national Finovate conference on September 23-24, 2014 in New York.

HedgeCoVest featured 20 investable hedge fund portfolios at the conference. HedgeCo has already signed up 33 hedge fund managers operating 38 unique strategies to take part in the strategy.

Finovate is a conference for innovative startups in the fields of banking and financial technology. Held in New York City, the event offers insight to the future of money and investing, and is an ideal venue to launch a pioneering investment technology like the HedgeCoVest platform.

HedgeCoVest will revolutionize the way institutional and retail clients allocate to hedge fund strategies through its proprietary technology called the Replicazor. The Replicazor will allow clients to replicate the strategies of hedge fund managers in real time and, unlike traditional hedge funds, will allow clients to retain control of investment capital in their brokerage account. Here is a short video explaining how it works.

“Finovate is a world-renowned conference for financial and investment technology, and we think it’s a great platform to introduce HedgeCoVest to the public,” says Evan Rapoport, CEO of HedgeCoVest. “Finovate is about disruptive technology solutions, and we believe HedgeCoVest will revolutionize the way investors allocate to hedge funds.”

HedgeCoVest removes the structural barriers of traditional hedge funds by enabling individuals and institutions to tactically allocate to hedge fund strategies historically employed by large institutional investors. As HedgeCoVest clients utilize separately managed accounts for their allocations, they have more security, access, liquidity, and transparency than traditional, commingled hedge fund investments

“We are excited to debut what we believe is one of the most innovative advancements in the fund industry since the ETF. Through the Replicazor, HedgeCoVest eliminates the need for investors to allocate to the fund structure, which reduces the risks that exist inherently in commingled fund vehicles,” says Rapoport.

Alex Akesson
Editor at HedgeCo.net
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