Former Dendreon CEO and Dendreon Bull Start New Biotech Hedge Fund

Xconomy – Mitch Gold made a lot of money as the CEO of Dendreon, the Seattle-based cancer drug developer. David Miller made his reputation as an investment analyst with in-depth, bullish reports on the company. Now these two are going to work together on a new Seattle-based biotech hedge fund called Alpine BioVentures.

Gold isn’t saying how much of his money he’s putting into Alpine, but it will be “a modestly sized fund” in the “multiple millions” at the start. Gold says he plans to spend about half his time on the fund, with the other half going toward his cancer immunotherapy startup, Alpine Biosciences. Miller, the president of Biotech Stock Research, is stepping back from the company he co-founded in 1999 and will no longer write his independent research reports now that he’s managing money.

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