Peak Oil Investing Hedge Fund Launch

New York ( – Hedge fund investor, logi ENERGY LLC., has announced the formation of The Peak Oil Value Fund. Launched September 8, the new hedge fund is the first of its kind aimed at institutional and accredited investors.

“We believe that the effects of Peak Oil on the markets are a temporary Global Macro series of events” Larry Ortega CIO of the Peak Oil Value Fund said, “We only have a few years to take advantage of these opportunities.“

The fund’s investment strategy employs five approaches: 1) Publicly Traded Equities and Equity Options; 2) Investment in oil in storage; 3) Investment in Oil, Gasoline and Heating Oil spreads in the Futures Markets; 4) Private Investment in Public Equities of Oil and Gas Exploration Companies; and 5) Private Investment in Private Companies or Oil and Gas Fields.

“Our superb models developed by our deep, complex team of expert geophysicists, mathematicians, oil professionals and oil traders have been able to predict and identify the fluctuations of oil prices and indicate when we expect prices to move based on both fundamentals of oil production and demand as well as storage, refinery processing, price action and economic utilization.” Ortega said, “They are not perfect, but we’re extremely pleased with the results. We invest like Warren Buffett, which is we make our money when we purchase our positions at deep value, thus the effects of our errors are minimal. Our difference is that in most of our strategies we also hedge nearly every position we take.”

The fund’s goal is to purchase or make significant investments in oil and gas exploration firms for their reserve positions while supporting their production and exploration efforts with direct investment in their fields and then hedge position value, reserves and future production. The fund expects to invest based on fundamental valuation of each position they take.

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