Hedge Funds Perform Well

Cayman Net News – Despite the ongoing housing crisis in the US, the credit crunch, and the general slowing of the American economy the number of hedge fund terminations in the most recent financial year has been only slightly higher than last year.

Caroline Williams, a partner at Walkers told Cayman Net News: “It is interesting that the number of hedge fund terminations in the last financial year is only slightly higher than in the previous 12 months.

“In some cases where funds have run into difficulties, the hedge fund manager has employed certain techniques to try and weather the storm and continue trading, such as imposing gates, which limit the amount of redemptions that can be made, or by creating side pockets in which the illiquid or hard-to-value securities are placed.

“Overall, for both investors and hedge fund managers, the winding up and dissolution of a hedge fund is very much a last resort and as such these situations are quite rare. Investors prefer to avoid having the fund wound up and dissolved, because they realise that there is less chance that they will have their benefits maximised.”

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