Hedge fund managers optimistic despite gloomy summer

Financial Post – The Canadian hedge fund industry has ballooned in the past few years, with some estimating annual growth at 30%. But there is still plenty of room for more, given that plenty of the strategies, such as risk arbitrage, that have proliferated in London and New York have not yet arrived here.

A near full house at yesterday’s Canadian Hedge Fund Managers Speak With Investors forum demonstrated that the industry, now pegged at about 200 separate funds in Canada, is alive and well regardless of the recent turmoil. Much of this is being driven by institutional investment.

Despite so much volatility in the markets in the past two months, and the fact that some feel fundamentals have "gone out the window," Canadian hedge fund managers at the forum, owing perhaps to having less leverage than their U. S. counterparts, remain upbeat. "The response from investors was outstanding. They are looking for some understanding and this is a perfect venue for that," said Karen Azlen, CEO of Introduction Capital, who organized the event.

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