SEC Releases Hedge Fund Data From Dodd-Frank PF Filings

Screenshot 2014-08-19 12.22.29New York (HedgeCo.Net) – The release of an annual report by the SEC to Congress under the new Dodd-Frank regulatory reform legislation shows the results of the data collected from private funds in 2014.

  • Private Fund Regulatory Assets Under Management Reported by all Filers: $8.871 trillion
  • Parallel Managed Accounts Reported by all Filers: $2.46 trillion
  • Qualifying Hedge Fund Population Reported by all Filers: 1,326 Qualifying Hedge Funds reported by 460 filers.
  • Qualifying Hedge Fund Regulatory Assets Under Management Reported by all Filers: $4.046 trillion
  • Liquidity Funds Following 2a-7 as Reported by Large Liquidity Fund Advisers 27 (52%) liquidity funds advised by Large Liquidity Fund Advisers reported that they are managed in compliance with all of the risk limiting conditions of Rule 2a-7 of the Investment Company Act.
  • Aggregate Gross Value of Controlled Portfolio Companies as Reported by Large Private Equity Advisers $7.441 trillion.

The SEC has continued to develop the use of Form PF data in its ongoing risk monitoring activities. During the past year, the Commission primarily used Form PF data in examinations of registered investment advisers to private funds. In addition, the Commission utilized Form PF data in its enforcement program regarding private fund advisers. Commission staff also focused its efforts on incorporating Form PF data into the Commission’s risk monitoring activities, issuing additional guidance to filers and working with other federal regulators and international organizations regarding issues relating to private fund advisers.

Alex Akesson
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