Hedge Fund Tech Launch: Wall Street Birds

New York (HedgeCo.net) – A free Twitter watcher, WallStreetBirds.com, has been launched by Scottsdale, AZ based Modulus Informatics, Inc., allowing the general public to make investment decisions based on the real-time analysis of twitter data.

“Wall Street Birds is a free service that anyone can use. Simply go to the site, register, type in a company name and instantly receive stock signals based on real-time Twitter analysis. Users are made completely unaware of the mathematical and technical complexities behind the scenes, which was our goal,” said Richard Gardner, founder of Wall Street Birds and CEO of parent company, Modulus Informatics, Inc.

A programming API is also provided for financial institutions desiring a fast track to managing funds using social media. The API can be used for developing high frequency trading systems based on the instantaneous analysis of social media data by Wall Street Birds.

Scientists from Indiana University and the University of Manchester recently published findings proving that social media has an 86.7% accuracy rate at predicting the stock market. Those findings spawned a variety of social media hedge fund startups.

Alex Akesson

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