Charlotte Hedge Fund Forum Started by Headline Capital (West Palm Beach) – Hedge fund manager Headline Capital Management LLC, is spearheading a series of capital introduction events showcasing the largest gathering of hedge fund managers from the Charlotte region. Aegis Funds Management, Afton Capital Management, Blackhawk Capital Management, Charlotte Global Advisors, Gorelick Brothers Capital, Keane Capital Management plus other hedge funds in the Charlotte region are also participating.

As the nation’s second largest banking center, Charlotte is also an attractive haven for hedge funds. Some of the nation’s most talented investment professionals relocated here to work for Bank of America and Wachovia, now a wholly-owned subsidiary and east coast headquarters for Wells Fargo. Many of these former bankers and traders stayed here to start their own hedge funds, especially after merger-related layoffs.

What is truly unique about the Charlotte Hedge Fund Forum is that in a highly competitive market, 7+ hedge fund managers from the same city have the foresight to jointly promoting a series of capital introduction events. “We’re still competitors. By working together, however, we can leverage our marketing dollars to attract more investors than we could alone,” says Mark McClanahan, the marketing director at Headline Capital Management.

The Charlotte Hedge Fund Forum provides more value than the traditional cap intro event by showcasing several hedge fund managers from the same city. The Charlotte showcase is more efficient for institutional investors with tight travel budgets who want to meet several managers at the same time. Wealthy families and high net worth individuals who are more comfortable investing in managers located closer to home, especially in this post-Madoff era, will also benefit from this Charlotte showcase. The real payoff is after the event when the investor needs to visit each hedge fund’s office for due diligence. Investors who attend the Charlotte Hedge Fund Forum will save time and money following up with several Charlotte-based managers during one trip.

The Charlotte Hedge Fund Forum is scheduled for September 23, 2009 at the historic Duke Mansion where tobacco baron James B. Duke founded The Duke Endowment. Mark Yusko, President and CIO of Morgan Creek Capital of Chapel Hill, North Carolina will deliver the Keynote Speech on “Alternative Thinking for Investments” during a complimentary luncheon. Afterwards, each hedge fund manager will deliver a formal 10-12 minute podium presentation and then meet with investors during a series of 30-minute, informal “meet the manager” roundtable discussions.

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