Bluenose Launches Capital Market Neutral Hedge Fund

West Palm Beach ( – Hedge fund manager, Bluenose Capital Management Ltd. is launching the Bluenose Capital Market Neutral Fund, aimed at accredited and professional investors.

Going live on October 1st, 2009, the new fund will employ a proprietary factor-based approach to trade highly liquid US & Canadian equities, according to a letter to investors obtained by HedgeCo.

“We strive to generate a 15% annual compound return with less volatility than the S&P/TSX and S&P500 with almost no correlation to the benchmarks,” the fund manager said. “Our goal is to achieve absolute returns regardless of market conditions by combining US and Canadian equity market neutral and opportunistic trading strategies. Preservation of capital is of utmost importance.” Bluenose said that potential investors should see an investment horizon of at least 5 years.

Bluenose is in September conducting meetings in 13 cities globaly from New York and Irvine to Milan and London.

Their projected timeline for the investment vehicles:

Years 1-3: Live trading of factor-based market neutral strategy: Bluenose Capital
Market Neutral Fund.
Estimated max capacity: $350M.

Years: 3-5: Deployment of statistical arbitrage strategy: Bluenose Star.
Estimated max capacity: $250M.

Year 7: Launch of the convertible arbitrage strategy: Bluenose Converts.
Estimated max capacity: $200M.

Bluenose Capital Ltd. is registered with the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission as a Professional Fund under the 1996 Mutual Funds Act.

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